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Nendo's Oki Sato 23.01.15

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Japanese studio Nendo has been selected as the Maison et Objet 2015 designer of the year. Watch the man behind the practice discuss his work in this video and read his pick of five favourite designs below

Oki Sato's Five Most Wanted

"Moments that make our days interesting and rich occur frequently, but we often do not recognise them – these are "!" moments," says Oki Sato. "Our aim is for people to feel '!' moments intuitively through our designs. My five most wanted list follows this theme, revealing the '!' between things."

Chinese Pug rt


"I'd always wanted a Chihuahua or a pug, so I decided to get a cross between the two – he turned four this year. I like that when he stands next to a pug he looks like a Chihuahua and when he stands next to a Chihuahua he looks like a pug. Now I'd like a purebred pug."

mitsuke 2012 detail rt

Mitsuke Masayasu ceramics

"Since collaborating with the ceramicist on a project in 2010, I have been a big fan. Although he has an extremely precise painting technique, somewhat like a machine, I can see the warm feeling of human process in his work. The contrast between these two aspects intrigues me. He is part of a new generation of craftsman in the Japanese tradition."

dark noon02 rt

Dark Noon watch, Nendo

"This is the first watch I designed. I am fascinated by the way the face changes by the perpetual movement of the hands. I find designing with this movement really interesting, and I think that in future I want to find a new way of expressing or interpreting the space between different times."

7181339617 4b2cd21122 k rt

Eclair, Stohrer

"I often eat sweet things between meetings at our office. We don't have many rules, but one is that we can only eat three sweets a day. I have a few favourite sweet and cake shops in every city and, in Paris, Stohrer is the best – although I am seriously worried I will die of diabetes."


ECO, KYBER SmartMarker

"People have been talking about how all our surroundings will become digitalised for a long time now. But in our everyday life, we are still stuck between digital and analogue. I am not sure if this pen is convenient, but it might be a symbolic product of the situation."

Maison et Objet runs from 23 to 27 January 2015



Oki Sato

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Moments that make our days interesting and rich occur frequently – these are "!" moments.

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