Richard Hutten: Layers Cloud chair 27.06.14

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Hutton has created a chair inspired by the Arizona desert that is made of 840sq m of Kvadrat's Divina range of fabrics 

Rotterdam-based Richard Hutton was one of 22 designers tasked by Danish brand Kvadrat to create one-off pieces using its Divina range of textiles.

His Layers Cloud chair uses 840sq m of fabric, weighing almost 300kgs. He used almost 100 colours in 545 layers to create the chair – he layered the fabric to showcase its colours. “It was inspired by the Painted Desert in Arizona,” Hutton says.

Due to the nature of the fabric, the lower part of the chair is looser, with a compact and solid top. Each layer was drawn separately, with the colours carefully selected, individually cut and applied by hand.





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