Porcelain vs Lava lights by Gt2P 27.06.14

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A series of LED wall lights and chandeliers emerged out of the Chilean design studio's experiments with materials and heat

Chilean design studio Gt2P has created Porcelain vs Lava, a series of LED wall lights and chandeliers.

Lvp 3

Lvp 4

The designers used their Catenary Pottery Printer (below) to build the various elements, adjusting variables to create different shapes.

Lvp 7

The porcelain structure was then put into an oven with pieces of lava. Inside, the porcelain remained solid while the lava turned viscous, draining slowly over the solid material then holding its shape when cooled.

Lvp 8

Lvp 1

Lvp 10

In the video above, the lava element has been integrated into the system as a dimmer, but the studio is working on creating other ways of controlling and interacting with the lights – by proximity, by example.

Lvp 5

Lvp 6





Lvp 9

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