The home lift with a small footprint and a big impact 10.12.18

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Designing homes for the whole of life is a hot topic.


Homes that ebb and flow with changing lifestyles are hitting the headlines as designers and architects rush to explore new ways to create homes which move with the times and the needs of their occupants.

Costing less than a small family car, the modern home lift is finding its way more and more frequently onto project plans. Versatile and flexible, some lifts for domestic use, such as Stiltz Home Lifts are freestanding, so do not require a supporting wall, are installed in one day, so do not create to pinch points in timelines and have compact footprints, meaning they can be located almost anywhere.

Some home lift specialists sell a whole range of designs and colours with options to bespoke. Most travel between floors in under 30 seconds and many are almost silent in motion thanks to smart, integrated motors discreetly concealed in the lift lids.

A home lift wholeheartedly ‘age-proofs’ a home and is a tremendous multi-tasker, carrying heavy baggage, the laundry, golf clubs and even the grandchildren safely and efficiently between floors.

Less is more with a domestic lift, and the minimalist designs tend to blend more seamlessly into the composition of a room theme. A great design makes life better, and a design-driven lift with great functionality will immediately make a big lifestyle impact but equally fit right into the daily lives of its household occupants.  

A home lift answers all the main demands of what makes strong design. It performs, it astonishes, it innovates, but most of all it gets the job done, by creating a flexible home which is accessible to all – forever.

The best home lift companies will offer a free quotation tailored to your specific project requirements and will be happy to meet you at your client’s property if needed. Aim to choose a company where you have one point of contact throughout.

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