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Category: Furnishings
Company: Anna Strupinskaya studio

The TREEANGLE table by Russian designer Anna Strupinskaya triggers the imagination with an image of a curved tree, split at the top where the leg smoothly transforms into a small white vase. The concept recalls the whole process...

Category: Furnishings
Company: i 4 Mariani

The classic and decorative Tudor capitonn? sofa has a typically British style mixed with elegance, contemporary design and extreme comfort. Due to the wide diamond pattern, the soft upholstery and lower stretching of the cover, the new version of...

Company: al2

The vintme collection from Mediterranean- based al2 is the result of a successful collaboration with award-winning Greek designer Sotiris Lazou. After high levels of hard work and fun in finalising the designs, the vintme collection started to...

Category: Furnishings
Company: Lulghennet Teklè

Stalattite by Italian-Eritrean architect Lulghennet Tekl?, is a versatile and functional coffee table with characteristic transparent legs which can be used to store and display various objects, such as accessories or decorative...

Category: Flooring
Company: Antron carpet fibre
Category: Furnishings
Company: koFAKTOR

QQQQ is an innovative crib that adapts to the growth and needs of a child from birth to the age of three. The rocking functionality and variable bed heights save parents from back pain and an inclined mattress position helps to ease colic. While a big opening...

Category: Furnishings
Company: Klára Šumová & Dirk Wright

Designers Kl˜ra ?umov˜ and Dirk Wright have internalised the concept of the oasis with O˜za, a furniture collection designed to create an atmosphere of calm within the home. As part of the collection, the Baby Sister stool is built as a rigid...

Category: Furnishings
Company: Black & Key

British brand Black & Key has won the International Product Design Award in the table category for the ECTO table. Created by award-winning designer Karin Verzariu, ECTO captivates with its quiet elegance, featuring a stylish and distinctive leg...

Category: Furnishings
Company: Karthik Poduval

Karthik Poduval?s Room for Two stool provides a smart and fun solution to lack of seating in crowded places. Born from an interest in creating space-saving furniture for both public and domestic use in increasingly overcrowded cities, Room for...

Category: Furnishings
Company: brühl
Category: Flooring
Company: Johnson Tiles
Category: Furnishings
Company: brühl
Category: Furnishings
Company: Dan Hoolahan
Company: Amber Sacco
Category: Furnishings
Company: Hitch Mylius