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Category: Furnishings
Company: Triple Bottom Line

The Moc coffee table is the most tangible form of Triple Bottom Line?s vision of sustainable design, centred around the fact that every object created passes through the hands, minds and hearts of its users. Constructed from one material, the Moc coffee...

Category: Furnishings
Company: FORMinVOID

South London based FORMinVOID introduces the Secco stool, an elegant object that becomes an intricate space saving sculpture when several are stacked. Made from recycled cardboard tubes and birch plywood, the Secco stool weighs 2.6kg and measures 42cm high. At the...

Category: Furnishings
Company: Kreisdesign

The Sketch round side table by Swiss-born designer Nikki Kreis plays with shape, colour and tactility. Inspired by rough hand sketches, the design is led by an exploration into the laser-cutting process, where the laser acts as a pencil, drawing...

Category: Furnishings
Company: Didier

The Elfin stool by Australian designer Ross Didier is fabricated like a wine barrel, with an organic and sculpted form that blends from a convex to concave curve. Each of the stool?s timber staves is unique and the solid block-joined top surface is carved...

Category: Furnishings
Company: Cherif Morsi

Inspired by Islamic architecture achieving great rigidity with minimal material through weight distribution, at 3.8kg, Mosk is a remarkably light barstool designed by Cherif Morsi. By repeating eight bent stainless steel elements, the visually distinctive...

Category: Furnishings
Company: Didier

Fable is a range of six essential dining utilities including spoon, bowl, chair, table and storage cabinet. The individual elements are pared back to reveal a very original character. Named after and inspired by traditional children?s tales where a...

Category: Furnishings
Company: Arco London

The Tappo side table from Arco London is designed with a focus on natural materials. In reflection of its manufacture, the table provides a strong, tactile value and in an exclusive design, creates a sought after convivial environment. The Tappo table...

Category: Furnishings
Company: Federico Varone - Product Design

Featured in the International Pavilions section of 100% Design, the Sientateteta stool from Argentine designer Federico Varone is an object inspired by the landscape of the Argentinian countryside and an icon of Argentinian identity. Born as a conceptual...

Category: Seating
Company: Sandro Lopez

Finalist in the 2012 Wood Awards, organised by the Swiss Association of Carpenters and Craftsmen, the beech wood Creek armchair by Sandro Lopez was born from research into fabrication techniques aimed at achieving new performances from...

Category: Furnishings
Company: Codolagni

Inspired by the potential spatial connection between basic geometric elements, such as the cube and circle, Avignon No.2 is a dressing table that uses the natural materials and matt finishes of solid ash wood and wool cloth to create...

Category: Furnishings
Company: Sam Greig

The Avsnitt Trestles by Sam Greig were developed as part of a progressive range of furniture, using the same single section construction as seen in the collection?s armchair. The construction principle means once the...



Category: Furnishings
Company: Andrew Simeoni

Inspired by the constantly connected millennial generation, 20 is a multipurpose stool or side table designed by Andrew Simeoni to adapt to mobile devices while sitting bedside or in a living room. A wooden top and a single accurately bent...

Category: Furnishings
Company: 2point54

Inspired by the twisting roots of washed-up trees on the shores of Vancouver Island, the Lofty stool?s steel legs penetrate through its hardwood seat, creating a bond between the two materials. Its 3.5cm-thick solid wood top is hand finished with...

Category: Furnishings
Company: Stil Furniture

The Pad side table forms part of a new range of Scandinavian-inspired furniture from Stil Furniture, in collaboration with British designer Ian Cull. The soft curves of the exterior hide a great deal of practicality; a hinged compartment with...