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Category: Seating
Company: Morgan

Three new collections were released by Morgan at the Sleep Event this year, with Brompton, Chelsea and Pimlico (pictured), the stars of the Morgan stand. With a plump and inviting appearance, Pimlico is perfect as a bedroom chair, featuring smooth...

Category: Seating
Company: MAGIS

The Cyborg chair by MAGIS is not a new chair, but a chair made of new combinations. With a polycarbonate shell, different backs can be applied to the Cyborg chair, and now the latest version presents a curved and turned solid ash back, pictured. The term cyborg...

Category: Seating
Company: E-Side

The distinctive modular nature of Italian architect Giorgio Caporaso?s designs has become a signature of his work, and his X2 chaise longue from E-Side is no exception. Made entirely from cardboard and defined by smooth, clean lines, it has...

Category: Seating
Company: schneiderschram

SATSUMA from Schneiderschram is a lightweight all-round chair made from solid ash wood. Its design is inspired by the charm and structural elegance of orange crates; both the frame and legs are crafted from sturdy triangular wooden sections, reducing the...