This time next year you will be drinking Slovenian sparkling wine in Genoa, buying über-premium products from single-door retailers, riding on hydrogen-powered double-decker buses and spending your weekends in Winkottages

A new architectural paradigm is emerging; one that takes notions of the everyday and the uncanny and gives them form. But can an architecture concerned with ambiguity ever produce a coherent movement?

A retrospective of the work of the Italian collective Superstudio looks at how they took the logic of modernist rationalism to its absurd end. But how serious were they?

When Shigeru Ban decided to construct the dome of a new gymnasium in Japan from plywood, he saw it simply as a continuation of his search for efficiency. But his structural engineer wasn't quite so confident.

Slowly, the scaffolding cocoon that dominates Birmingham's Bull Ring is being removed to reveal a building unlike anything that has been seen before. This is the new £60 million Selfridges department store - a project that will finally establish its designers Future Systems as a practice that builds extraordinary buildings, rather than one that merely dreams about them.

Architectural exhibitions have become hollow, detached and lacking in curatorial drive.

Next week, Icon joins the 200,000 people heading to Milan for the world-famous furniture fair. We asked some seasoned fair-goers what to look out for, where to party - and, crucially, what to wear.

Ancient slam-top desks. Splintering plywood chairs. School furniture design has been neglected for years. Now three design teams have addressed the needs of the 21st-century classroom.

Rafael Moneo is, with characteristic modesty, explaining how he felt on adding the Royal Gold Medal to the haul of awards he has received in his distinguished career. "I am tremendously honoured and quite aware of what it means for the British community to win this award," he says, in his eloquent but heavily accented English.