Designers from the Cold War era on have been staring in the face of global catastrophe. Rather than building a better future, they've been preparing for a worse one, says David Crowley.

Does living in machines-for-living turn us into machines? Bill Millard visits MoMA's survey of prefabricated housing to find out.

Mark Kingwell's new book looks at the ways consciousness, the urban environment and ideas of the public sphere connect to make us what we are.
For anyone prone to the irresistible sinking of the afternoon slump, help is at hand: a chair that actually encourages you to take a snooze.

At the heart of Aldo Van Eyck's writings is an ideological conviction that what we build should reflect the human spirit, writes Justin McGuirk.

Batman's Gotham City hasn't so much lost its gothic qualities as internalised them, says Charles Holland - and the result is disturbing.
A wondrous 1974 walk between the two towers of the World Trade Center would not be possible in today's security-obsessed buildings that stifle our imagination.
Architect and writer Marcus Miessen talks to Olafur Eliasson about Berlin, content and compromise.
"We are not designing Prada boutiques. These are everyday office buildings, factories and canteens, not glamorous museum projects."

On the outskirts of Copenhagen a new apartment block named the Mountain Dwellings has scaled the giddy heights of its own metaphor, reached the summit, planted the flag and conquered it.

"I wish I hadn't said yes to all of this," he adds, sounding annoyed. We've just stepped into his studio, and he's gazing at a tower of giant polystyrene cubes.

It's a stance that has earned them few favours in the fashion industry and one that made icon curious to find out more.
Where people can be like animals in caves or trees, choosing comfortable places by their instincts. An architecture where space is relationships.
Don't worry about oil running out it's never going to happen. use more plastic it's good for the environment.
Zigzag Windows cut across the exterior of the Novela House, in the city of Yokosuka, south of Yokohama.
Ancient underground water chambers have been transformed into gallery spaces beneath Plaza del Torico in the 12th-century town of Teruel, north-eastern Spain.
Dark, creepy and mysterious. These aren't the words you would expect to use to describe a new line of prams.
Fussa City Hall is made up of three tiled edifices rising above an undulating carpet of grass.
"In this globalised world there is a value to being local. A regional focus is very interesting to people," says Muuto co-owner Kristian Byrge in his best PR-speak.
"H is for halt, to stop the buses," explains Michael Obrist, partner of architect Feld72, of the firm's H-framed viewing platform and public square in the rural village of Paasdorf, Lower Austria.
Reading can be performance, decoration and cinema, according to a current exhibition at Galerie Kreo in Paris.
A knitted chair, a sailing boat and metal imitations of cardboard boxes were all part of the industrial design graduation show at Swiss design school ECAL in July.
An astrological belvedere perches on the top of a remote mountain in Kielder Water & Forest Park in northern England
3D Printing has gone mainstream with Philips Electronics' online service Shapeways.
A forest of foam tubes greets you upon entering the Designgalleriet in the centre of Stockholm, which opened in August.
Martino Gamper has made three chairs for Conran design store, using his trademark method of re-assembling existing furniture parts.
Razor blades are the most absurdly over-designed high-volume product in the shops.
Mark is a new British furniture and lighting brand. The name stands for "Made and Realised in Kernow", Kernow being Cornish for Cornwall.
A barn sits aside a railway track in a picture of rural calm, except that it's not a barn but a museum of local history designed by Paris-based architect Bruno Mader.
"The act of giving life" is central to Spanish designer Nacho Carbonell's practice. Since graduating from Design Academy Eindhoven last year, he has created a series of furniture pieces that create playful, tactile relationships between user and object
SoHo is supposed to be dominated by wrought iron warehouses and historic 19th-century buildings, not shiny glass towers designed by French starchitects.

The OMA partner in charge of the CCTV building talks about its making and consequences

CCTV's headquarters in Beijing has been the spectral logo for a brave new architecture for some years, but even with its facade complete, OMA's iconic building has become no easier to fathom.

The Californian architect maps the conflicts and transformations shaping the territory where First World and Third World meet – the USA-Mexico border at Tijuana

After a decade as head of Design Academy Eindhoven, the trend forecaster is taking the brand abroad, and predicting a future with one bank, one airline and two economies
Across the world, the lights are going out. The incandescent light bulb is being swept away for the good of the environment, to be replaced with fluorescent long-life bulbs and LEDs.
Pull back and treat yourself to the longest possible view of design history. The highlight reel starts with the first man-ape who rises from all fours in order to wield a bone as a cudgel.
It was in Malaysia that I first encountered paper funerary technologies. I was there doing fieldwork, exploring the ways in which the emerging "middle classes" in urban Asia were experiencing new information and communication technologies.