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On 10 April 1913, Karl Albrecht started a bakery shop in Essen, Germany – a modest beginning for what was to become the global discount giant Aldi. A century later, the world economy is in crisis, money is tight, and Aldi is as relevant as ever.

At the same time, a contradictory phenomenon exists. The world of "artisan" and "boutique" shops is a marketing invention of the last decade to make something special – and more expensive – out of what was once just bread, water or a simple banana. How artisan can milk really be?

With Aldi, we took on several challenges at once. We wanted to reconsider its uniform, supermarket look and revive its dated brand. Could we create a contemporary supermarket brand, brave enough to embrace its "discount" status with confidence and a touch of humour?

We picked on advertising – an area in which Aldi has traditionally spent little money – as the way to make a distinct gesture, and decided on product photography as cheap and cheerful as its sender. Goodbye expensive product shoots, hello flatbed scanner.

The straightforward photography is accompanied by no-nonsense messages similar to what we so often exclaim (in shock and awe) when confronted with the latest artisan-something. "What? How much? It's just an apple!" Aldi could become the standard-bearer of opposition to the artisan craze. It is not a small, cute, hipster cornerstore or a fresh bakery frequented by guys with beards and tattoos, but a place where you go to get your basic groceries. There's no service, fewer product options and no fancy presentation. Just Aldi. One hundred years and (dis)counting.

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We wanted to reconsider its uniform, supermarket look and revive its dated brand

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