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Rethinking the identity of a British seaside town seemed like a great challenge: for these often down-at-heel resorts, a renaissance is (over)due. We've all got real concerns about the ecological footprint of cheap flights and a desire to keep it local (boosting both local and national economies). There are various Welsh links at the Proud studio, which led us to Rhyl, in north Wales.

Regeneration projects are slowly improving the area: the "broken windows" theory suggests that maintaining an urban environment prevents further decay and vandalism. However, Rhyl still needs a strong sense of identity to unify the look of the town's main attractions and present a cohesive visitor experience.

Our colour palette is warm, optimistic and reminiscent of the great British seaside holiday. We've introduced a touch of nostalgia as a sign that this once bustling tourist resort can be great again. Above the warm sunny tones is one primary brand colour: though used in very small quantities, the red asserts a strong Welsh connection.

The identity system is modular and based on a single shape: a skewed rectangle, taken from the angle of the Rhyl coastline. From this single form, we've created a series of repeat patterns that become the graphic language that is applied to key sites in the regeneration scheme.

The patterns are designed to appeal to a broad demographic, conveying elements of wind, energy, waves and play. The multicolour patterns are used in the wider context of promoting Rhyl, and the two-colour patterns are site specific. For us, a branding project is never just about a lick of paint, but in this case, it's our starting point.

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The "broken windows" theory suggests that maintaining an urban environment prevents further decay and vandalism

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