A new jersey for FC Bayern Munich 24.03.17

Written by  Bureau Mirko Borsche
  • FC Bayern Munich: Home jersey (back)

  • FC Bayern Munich: Home jersey (front)

  • FC Bayern Munich: Away jersey (front)

  • FC Bayern Munich: Away jersey (back)

  • FC Bayern Munich: Champions League jersey (back)

  • FC Bayern Munich: Champions League jersey (front)

Why have football kits become so joyless? Munich-based Bureau Mirko Borsche decided to bring the sartorial swagger of vintage sports clothing to the beautiful game with a redesign of the Bayern Munich jersey

We really wanted to rethink something that was close to our hearts, that was part of the city that we call home, and that was somehow related to our studio’s culture. Furthermore, with so many absurd things happening in the world lately, we wanted this project to be something a little more cheerful and uplifting.

Football is part of Bavarian culture, in the same way that beer or Weisswurst are, and we cherish all of these in the Bureau. Therefore, we were thrilled to rethink Bayern Munich’s jerseys.

Football jerseys have become visually unsatisfying over the years and we wanted to make them joyful again. While doing research on sports outfits from past decades, we were captivated by old cycling and ice hockey jerseys – they were the best! So simple, colourful, dynamic and powerful.

That is what sports are about and that was what we wanted to capture with the Bayern jerseys – we wanted to make them stand out for their simplicity and yet make them lively too. Football is not only a professional sport but also an entertainment outlet for its fans, and its visual culture should put a smile on people’s faces.

We wanted to give people the same thing that we like to have while we are working: a bit of fun and joy!


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