Rethinking Brexit 02.02.17

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The UK’s journey into the unknown needs a more upbeat identity. And almost certainly some warm socks. Hamburg-based studio Karl Anders helps out its estranged neighbours

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Brexit. Can you hear it any more? Can you talk about it any more? Can you think about it any more? Neither can we. 

So, we changed the topic around. We turned a dystopia into a chance. Anger into courage. We – the European Union – don’t want to turn our backs on you. Let’s stay friends. So we’ve done what good friends do and created a survival kit for all the citizens of Great Britain. It’s a signal and a call for positivity: Cheer up! Don’t worry! Never fear!

There is no icon that symbolises motivation more than a smiley, so this is the key visual in our campaign, but with the addition of a stellar eye to represent the star now missing in the EU flag. And because a voice is used for communication, our campaign slogans create the mouth.

So, let’s talk about the survival kit. We thought a lot about what you really need. We aren’t a grandma distributing unnecessary gifts. Seriously, what is really essential for an independent nation?

First of all, you need stickers. Everyone needs stickers. To spread your emotions (positive as well as negative) and express your confidence. You are not confident? You don’t feel British identity in your veins, but rather you feel lost? Don’t worry, our manual How to Keep Calm Without the EU provides practical tips on what to do in cases of emergency, or at least in cases of despair.

Folks, you’re a nation of explorers. But have you ever questioned why? We decided that you have everything you need in your own country. Who needs ancient Rome if you have Stonehenge? To remind you of that fact, we have included some postcards of over-rated resorts in the kit.

If you are still feeling uncomfortable, or even sick, take the medicine against wanderlust. If you still get cold feet, there are socks. Socks!!! If you still want to cry, use the handkerchief. If you miss the scent of an old love, we created Eau d’EU, a European fragrance.

But if you just want to forget about the whole Brexit thing, there’s only one solution: Eau Revoir Schnapps.

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Who needs ancient Rome if you have Stonehenge?

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