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It can be hard for clients to visualise the different effects created by fonts and the paper they’re printed on, says Fontarte. Enter Type&Paper: a handy Pantone-esque sampler for text design

As graphic designers, we often need good type specimens and paper samples, and frequently use both of these to present work to clients, helping them to visualise a particular project. Our idea is to combine the type and paper specimens together in one convenient and pocket-sized sampler, called Type&Paper. In this one item, you would be able to appreciate the effects of different kinds of paper when printed with a wide variety of typefaces.

Usually, clients are keen to see the paper that we are proposing for their project. Since we work as editorial designers for the artistic and cultural sectors, these clients tend to be very careful about how they present themselves, so are keenly interested in the visual details of any project. In particular, we often take on conceptual art projects, where typography is crucial: finished books and prints need to be of the highest quality in this competitive market.

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An iPad app would be useful for presenting ideas to overseas clients

With a specimen that combines type and paper in one, we can show our customers various possibilities for realising concepts, demonstrating how a specific typography could work on certain papers, especially in smaller text sizes, or how a font will appear on coated or uncoated paper. In addition, there can be a huge difference in the appearance of a typeface when printed by laser or offset machines, so having samples on the appropriate paper is crucial. Our proposal includes our own typefaces, as well as widely available examples such as Minion from Adobe, all of which will be printed on popular papers such as Arctic Volume and Munken Pure.

Different sets of samplers could be tailored to different publications, taking avant-garde, minimal or fashionable approaches. Some fonts are suited to book layout, or specially designed for newspapers, while fashion publications often use typefaces with a higher degree of contrast, such as Bodoni or Didot.

We also propose to make an associated iPad application – when we work with clients abroad, we don’t always have the time to discuss projects in person. Although it would not allow clients to touch the paper, the Type&Paper app would provide a better preview of a design concept, with the option of enlarging an image and seeing a paper’s texture and colour, as well as the letterforms. This solution would also be helpful for us in our daily design work – we spend a lot of time working on new proposals when we’re travelling!



Words and images

Magdalena Frankowska and Artur Frankowski


Above: The types and papers would be combined in a pocket-sized sampler

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There can be a huge difference in the appearance of a typeface when printed by laser or offset machines, so having samples on the appropriate paper is crucial

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Each sample would show the font in a variety of text sizes

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