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Wine (top image)
Frank Cornelissen
Frank makes wine on the north slopes of Mount Etna. I'm not a wine expert but this wine is very surprising and shocking in many ways. It's one of those wines – people might send it back in a restaurant but as an experience and as a way of thinking about wine: it's on message, nothing added. It's from the ground. What you're tasting is what you're meant to taste.


credit Frank Cornelissen

Achille Castiglioni
I'm designing for Flos. I've recently spent a lot of time looking at the history of what Flos has achieved. Castiglioni really is such a wonderful, creative inventor of lamps. The pieces that he did 30, 40 years ago ... they make so much sense even today. It's difficult to do that. His attitude to design, looking at the ways to deliver light, to interact with light, almost with an outsider's point of view: how the hell did he make that creative connection?


credit Flos

Infanticide, 2006
Damien Hirst
For me it was that very simple flipping point where I perceived it as a flat plain, like an ink or a texture in black, and then, as I got closer, I realised it was made of dead flies. You get closer to it and it's shocking. All those emotions flip round. I try to do that in my work – the revealing, the flipping of something. I'm not commenting on what it means as art: I'm choosing it purely for its surprise element.


It's constantly surprising me. I view light as a material. Every material can be understood and figured out: wood, metal, plastic. But with light there's just something about it I don't think any of us can contain or control: we're never going to work it out. It's a relationship. I try to get to know it and then it surprises, it shocks me, and we go round in circles. What I'm trying to do with my work is show people what I've learned about it.


Change the record 
Vinyl speaker
Paul Cocksedge Studio
The iPhone is all about music but it's not very good at delivering music to us. Records are important but they're not as important to me as to other people. So I decided to heat one up and stretch it to its limits. Surprisingly, when you put the phone inside, it really amplifies the sound. It's delightful: you've got a really nice connection between old music and new. And it works, it's one piece.


credit Paul Cocksedge Studio



Frank Cornelissen



Paul Cocksedge

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It's delightful: you've got a really nice connection between old music and new

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