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Capo chair
Our first collaboration with Cappellini gave rise to Capo, an armchair with a slender yet enveloping form. Its shape and materiality came from the image of a dapper gentleman in a well-cut suit and felted hat. As its name suggests, Capo,
with its wide cantilevered arms and upturned lapel, transforms the sitter into a boss.


Kali range
A wall-mounted cabinet with glass cantilevered shelves holds a collection of intelligently conceived bathroom accessories. The range works equally well on the wall of our studio, as each piece has many uses. Each one has a different visual character and yet they work well together, so you can buy the complete collection.


credit Doshi-Levien

Saint Louis tote
An everyday luxury bag. Nipa [Doshi] loves the colour range and proportions of these. They are beautifully made and never go out of style.


issue Maison E. Goyard Paris

Handmade scissors
Ahmedabad, India
There is a street in the old market of Ahmedabad where all the scissors makers have open-fronted shops. This pair is unique to its maker, who has painted the handles red and white. They are excellent: super-sharp paper cutters with sprung blades that make a lovely "snip" sound.


Marshmallow sofa
George Nelson, Vitra
Unlike most sofas, this one is visually light and has a small footprint. It displays beautiful utilitarian elegance from all angles, yet it's also playful and surprisingly comfortable.


credit Herman Miller



Herman Miller



Jonathan Levien

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In our minds there is no hierarchy in terms of the materials they use or where they are made. They all have qualities that transcend the purely functional

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