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Nature and science are integral to my design process, and these are some of the things that inspire, stimulate and uplift me. I appreciate the technical detail of design and find pleasure in making sense of how things work

TIVAN Dining Chair
Arik Levy for Molteni & C
For a long time I've wanted to make a comfortable, good-looking dining chair. It's not easy as these characteristics are sometimes in contradiction with one another. When I sat on the first prototype of Tivan, I closed my eyes and I was pleased; it felt as good as it looked. When it's next to a table its forms are defined and all the fine details we have been working on come to life.


Self Drilling Screws
This has changed things a lot for me. I love it. Not having to stop, change tools, drill before you screw and so on has made DIY much easier and more fun. I admire problem-solving design and integration of solutions into everyday objects.


Nature is by far our best living designer and is a guide to learn from and study from every day. Designs like this put us in scale and I love them.


A twin-tip, a directional board and a long board are what I like best ... not only for the great design and shape, but also because they make every single day of my vacation a great day!


Ernst Gamperl
Ernst Gamperl's work is outstanding and Ernst is inspiring and motivating to watch. Spending time in his workshop and seeing him dance between self-invented machine and handmade finishing is like being in a fairy-tale. I own this piece in olive-tree wood. There's a fabulous contrast in texture between the inside and outside.







Arik Levy

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Nature is by far our best living designer and is a guide to learn from and study from every day

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