Piero Lissoni 02.07.15

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The Italian designer and architect opts for objects that hide their complex workings underneath a veneer of simplicity, from minimalist sculptures to mid-century sports cars

A77 tape recorder

Now everyone talks about MP3s, electronics and the Cloud, but this reel-to-reel tape recorder is the dream machine for the world’s musicians. After all these years, it’s still my tape recorder and it functions so well. I can’t believe the quality of the sound, the recording and all the components inside. It’s on another level.

Battuto bowl
Carlo Scarpa for Venini

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This piece is a Murano vase by the architect Carlo Scarpa. What’s more to say? Can you imagine Murano glass and Carlo Scarpa together? There are no words. It’s a perfect recipe.

Porsche 356
Erwin Komenda

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It’s not just a Porsche. It’s a 356. I think and I dream about this car all the time. One can feel that it’s still a racing Porsche: it only has one seat and it’s without the classic roof – it’s open at the back like a barchetta. In some ways, this car was the product of modernist ideas, but it feels very contemporary. It’s a completely romantic approach to the car.

Hati chair in rope
Piero Lissoni for Lema

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I like this chair because it’s simultaneously traditional and modern. Its shape is in the Italian DNA – you see the same chair in churches and small restaurants across the country – but at the same time, you feel that it sits somewhere between Italy and Scandinavia.

Untitled, 1987
Donald Judd

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This sculpture by American artist Donald Judd is a combination between a super-sophisticated idea of being minimalist (a term he nonetheless stridently disavowed) while at the same time also being complicated in its conceptual framework. Judd started out in practice at the end of the 1940s and worked right up until the mid-1990s, when he passed away. In this sculpture there’s a frontline of simplicity, yet all the complexity is out back.



Piero Lissoni


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