Rolf Sachs 25.06.15

Wanted 1

The German-born artist and designer seeks out objects with nostalgic value or imperfections – a car from his childhood, a digital take on an iconic camera, or a pair of not-quite-round sunglasses

1969 Mini Cooper S
Alec Issigonis

Somehow it is still modern today. It’s small and economical, but has a little bit of bite and is speedy like a go-kart. It also has wonderful nostalgic appeal, something I use a lot in my design. It’s one of the first cars I remember very well as a kid.

E-motion propelling pencil

Wanted 2

Basically it’s a pencil that has a very thick lead. Most such pencils have leads that are too thin and so prone to breaking. This one is really solid, makes a nice line and feels good in the hand. It’s a combination of a craftsman’s pencil – you know, those really rough ones – and a very fine technical tool.

M Monochrom digital camera

Wanted 3

The Leica M is an object of passion and desire. I like that it promotes an old-fashioned form of photography. To have a digital camera that only shoots black-and-white, combined with the iconic Leica design, makes it a very special item. How it compares to other cameras I don’t know, but very often one buys things just because the idea itself is beautiful.

DD04 sunglasses
Mykita / Damir Doma

Wanted 4

My glasses! I think Mykita is a good brand with lots of very interesting products. But they are also good technically: the frame is screwless, and this is one of the few designs where the glass lens is actually thicker than the frame. These ones are round, but not completely – the frame is not symmetrical. All these imperfections make it perfect.

Fortis 2pi watch
Rolf Sachs

Wanted 5

It’s an intriguing thing because time is something precise and not precise. Like Pi, it’s an irrational number. I thought it would be interesting for this watch to have a technical dial and an academic attitude ... typical things that I remember from trigonometry classes. We always try to do something individual and get away from the typical graphic approach, add a little emotion. I think the Japanese like this watch a lot.










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