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The designer on his Kvadrat knit collection, a Vitra chair and a 60s watch

We have to find the courage to seize the moment and trust in our luck. I give my dreams free rein – sometimes they are real and clear, sometimes they come in the form of a breath of a sketch or a daydream, at other times they are no more than a spring breeze.

Jill chair
Alfredo Häberli for Vitra

It is every architect and designer's ambition to design a chair. Without the engineers at Vitra, this would never have come about. We succeeded in bending a straight piece of plywood and forming a seating surface (patent pending), thereby obtaining a three-dimensional wooden shell.

Knit collections
Alfredo Häberli for Kvadrat

I waited eight years for this dream to come true: meeting Denmark's leading fabric manufacturer, Kvadrat, and beginning to produce my first designs for them. I have designed a dozen items for Kvadrat, including these three new knit collections. Each one is a three-dimensional dream in terms of colour, texture and tactility.

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Memovox Snowdrop watch
Jaeger LeCoultre, c. 1968

When I turned 18, my father gave me a watch. I have always been fascinated by watches and have a small collection of them. I am especially interested in 1960s and 70s watches, for their outstanding beauty and technical sophistication. They are inspiring inventions, all with a special twist – Jaeger LeCoultre's Memovox Snowdrop from the late 60s is a perfect example.

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Ferrari 456 GT

Cars have held a special appeal for me since I was a child. I grew up near a racetrack and for many years I dreamed of driving a Gran Tourismo. The elegant design of this sports car is the perfect translation of my dream and a marvellous present from my wife for my 50th birthday.

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Standing mobiles
Alexander Calder

Visual art has always been an inspiration. Sometimes, I feel the need to see and think – simply to feel good. Calder's work with wire, his standing and hanging mobiles and figures, create an atmosphere of playful improvisation and silent beauty. I constantly dream about his standing mobiles from the late 1940s.

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Alfredo Häberli


Images: Ferrari; ARS, NY and Jean-Marc ZAORSKI

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Sometimes, I feel the need to see and think – simply to feel good

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