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darth vader

The designer on Darth Vader, sweets and dragonflies

These five objects are all in my design studio, where I work. They are part of my everyday life and visual world and they play an important role in my creative universe

Mask of Darth Vader

I don't exactly remember how I got this mask ... probably at a party. Now it is almost part of my studio's identity. Darth Vader is an icon for a whole generation and a major figure in pop culture. In spite of the hardness of the features, the mask is beautiful and elegant. The design is both futuristic and also very representative of a 1980s aesthetic. There is power inside!

Sweet box by Oswald Haerdtl
J&L Lobmeyer

I was given this object at a family occasion. For me it represents both absolute fineness and delicacy, but there's also a touch of fun. The formalism of the simple round shapes is almost perfect.


Wood and wicker chair

Once in a while I buy a secondhand piece of furniture on the internet. I like to spend hours searching and sometimes I unearth a beautiful object. This chair is a design classic: there's a softness in how the wood of the back is carved to form two gentle hills on the sides. The line of the back legs is also very subtle and delicate.

Chaise 2

Cape Lamp by Constance Guisset

I wanted to create a lamp that would embody light. I was looking for elegance, visual lightness and fluid lines. I think you can see both animal and vegetal elements in it. It is both abstract and figurative at the same time, escaping identification and serving as a springboard for
the imagination.


Wooden dragonfly

I like delicate objects like this dragonfly, which plays with gravity. It was a main source of inspiration for my cutlery ensemble, Funambule (which means tightrope walker).



Constance Guisset

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Darth Vader is an icon for a whole generation and a major figure in pop culture

dragon fly

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