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land rover

Design is a very important aspect of my life, as I need to provide the creative direction for our future product range. Clearly, automotive design is my principal discipline, but design in all its manifestations interests me.

Discovery Vision Concept Land Rover

This is a concept for a whole new generation of vehicles for Land Rover. This vehicle proves that you can take something that is fundamentally about function and versatility and still present in a way that is incredibly desirable. It's dramatic, it's purposeful, and it's the ultimate in terms of seven-seat occupancy.


Kauffman house: Richard Neutra

This house still looks as modern today as when it was first created
in 1946. It's not a massive building but it's unique and thoughtfully designed, and conjures up that American dream of looking to the future. There's no division between inside and outside, and it works in terms of its overall form as well as in its detail. It's a modernist statement, but it's still a warm, inviting place.

Lounge Chair

Eames lounge chair: Charles and Ray Eames

This chair has been refined over the years as manufacturing processes have improved, but the overall design is still fundamentally the same as when it was created over 70 years ago. I have five Eames chairs and when I sit down at night to relax I'll always choose one of them. It's one of the most comfortable chairs I've ever sat in. Great design stands the test of time.

lincoln continental

1963 Lincoln Continental: Ford Motor Company

This was for me the first true piece of modernist design on wheels. In the 1960s, cars were very exuberant, very exaggerated, with a lot of over-ornamentation. The Continental pared everything back. This car is beautifully reductive, yet it's a very profound statement.

Patrick Heron

Blue Dovetailed in Yellow: Patrick Heron

I'm a modern art fan and one of my favourite artists is Patrick Heron. I love both his paintings and his silk screens and one of my favourite
silk screen prints is Blue Dovetailed in Yellow (1970). For me, it's the use of colour and the relationship between the shapes and proportions. Although it's abstract, it's easy to read. When I look at it, it lifts my spirit.



Gerry McGovern, design director and chief creative officer, Land Rover


Images: Estate of Patrick Heron/Dacs 2014

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I have five Eames chairs and when I sit down at night to relax I'll always choose one of them

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