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Some simple, innovative and beautiful designs that are pleasing to the eye and to the hand. All designed with longevity in mind, to be enjoyed every single day for a very long time.

1. Branca chair by Industrial Facility

[Industrial Facility partner] Sam Hecht’s work is interesting because there are not many product designers who can also design great furniture. The secret lies in appreciating and understanding the human scale. The blended joints make it rather tactile.

pepper mill

2. Peppermill by Alain Berteau for Objekten

A pure geometric statement that also works beautifully, a joy to hold and turn. Objekten is based in Brussels and is a company with a cool ethos.

pendant light

3. Pendant light by Terence Woodgate

One’s latest design is always closest to one’s heart. I think that is true for most designers. This LED pendant light is even more dear to me as it is my first design for my own brand, Terence Woodgate. I love the way the spilled light from the reflector lamp adds a subtle glow to the base of the Carrara marble.


4. Saucepan by Sori Yanagi

Yanagi was most famous for his Butterfly stool (1956), but when you see the intelligent way the lid works on this humble saucepan, you realise you are looking at the work of a great Japanese designer. Just turn the lid to let steam out or to keep cooked food in when draining. Genius.

alessi cutlery

5. Nuovo Milano cutlery by Alessi

Many designers try too hard to make a statement when designing cutlery. These are beautiful, and the weight and balance are something you need to experience. The ease with which the fork turns in your hand to lift the linguini is the test: obviously important to an Italian. A masterful design by Ettore Sottsass.



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One’s latest design is always closest to one’s heart. I think that is true for most designers.

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