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Drawing Paper rt


I decided to choose five objects that are always close at hand and that I regularly pick up and use in the studio. From everyday tools and utensils to a good cup of coffee, they all inspire me.

Mala paper dispenser
This object is very important to me. First, in terms of function, it allows me to easily cut the length of paper I need and to make large-scale drawings. Second, I found it in a kids' department surrounded by toys and it reminds me that drawing is a game. Every time I use it I feel like a child, and that helps me to focus. Third, it is affordable to everyone as it comes from Ikea. (Image above)

watering can rt

Watering can
Adrien Rovero
This is an object that I designed recently for the Lausanne Jardins festival, which I am co-curating this summer with Christophe Ponceau. It is an "apartment watering can" with a closed top to avoid indoor spillages. The different functions are clear and part of the overall shape: a funnel to fill it easily from a sink, which can also be used as a handle, and a spout to water
the flowers.

Bottle Opener rt

Vedett bottle opener
Although this anonymous design object made for the Belgian beer brand Vedett is a commercial object, I think it is just fabulous. I love the simplicity of its extruded metal profile. With just two cuts, its function is created. It is also very durable and feels like it will last for decades.

coffee mug rt

Espresso cup
Mark Braun for ASA
This cup looks simple but the most important point is not visual, it's tactile. Braun developed a surface treatment that makes ceramic objects soft to touch. This development is brilliant and the feeling is unexpected. It shows how a surface treatment can lead
a project.

hexagonal rt

Rainbow hex key L-wrench set
PB Swiss Tools
A tool from the workshop is a must-have as I love spending time making models. This fantastic hexagonal key set is simply beautiful with its colour range to identify each key size. The colours have a clear function and I am happy to store it on the wall on the end of a nail.




Adrien Rovero

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I decided to choose five objects that are always close at hand and that I regularly pick up and use in the studio

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