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Peter Barber has brought both quality and sociability to London's social housing, with a string of characterful schemes enlivened by terraces, colonnades and colourful entrances.

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London-based studio Forensic Architecture represents an entirely new field of practice. Using open-source data and 3D design tools, its team painstakingly reconstruct sites of conflict to produce damning evidence of human rights abuse

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Treviso-based Guglielmo Brambilla's work fuses poetic narratives and a love for the unexpected in materials and processes. It makes for objects that are both endearing and beautiful.

2Caps vases, which are designed to reduce waste from the glassblowing process. Photos: Guglielmo Brambilla / Matteo Bellomo / Zeyu Rong

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The 2015 Expo showed the capital of design that commercialism and the public sector needn’t be at odds, but the uneasy partnership feeds into existing challenges the city faces.

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Salone del Mobile president Claudio Luti talks to ICON editor James McLachlan about how Expo changed Milan, innovation at the Fiera and the role of public/private pertnerships at design week.

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Twenty-five years ago, a group of young, unknown Dutch designers took Milan by storm with a stance that was ‘anti-luxury, anti-formal and anti-product’. Their influence is still shaping European design practice two decades later

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Bruno Munari's dizzyingly versatile body of work has always been hard to categorise. But he had the rare ability to alchemise the ordinary into something luminous

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Kvadrat is launching Solid Textile Board – a hard, flexible and, crucially, reusable material made purely from end-of-life fabrics and offcuts. Could this circular process spell the end of textile waste?

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In this issue: Milan and the Man – How the Expo persuaded the design capital do sell out. Plus: 25 years of Droog, Claudio Luti, Forensic Architecture and more

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