What crisps should you eat while reading Gilles Deleuze? What could God learn from Jane Jacobs? At last, William Mitchell has answered the really important questions.
This trawl through emerging architectural practices is a delight, and admirably inclusive in its approach.

Faced with the global menace of communism, the Western powers discovered that decent kitchen appliances could defeat nuclear bombs.

Aaron Betsky's intriguing theme is wasted on the global architecture elite.

Author Jonathan Raban talks Seattle, gentrification and totalitarianism with Joshua Prince-Ramus of REX.

In one of her many houses, Pearl Lam, Shanghai-based design gallerist and billionaire heiress, is holding dinner.

Do ho suh had never heard of Rachel Whiteread when he planned to cast his studio in plaster.

"It's huge,"says Alfredo Brillembourg, of Venezuela-based practice Urban Think Tank.

"We're from very different backgrounds,"says Serbian Ana Dzokic, who, with Dutch partner Marc Neelen, established STEALTH.unlimited in 2000 to work on projects across Belgrade and Rotterdam.

Migrant communities are the main focus for Stalker, a loose collective of Italian academics, artists and architects.

A puff of strawberry-scented perfume permeates the air.

A spindly half-broken umbrella and a thin plastic mac are all that shelter Teddy Cruz from the driving rain in the forecourt of the American pavilion in Venice.

A new generation of architects is demonstrating that we should stop and think before trying to solve a problem with a building.

This is supposed to be the design capital of the world, and we should have an essential festival. But this year's was disparate, provincial and missable.

Provocateurs ran wild at the Experimenta Design biennale, which this year was held in Amsterdam instead of its regular home, Lisbon.

Ludlow 38 is a tiny art space in a former Chinese store on New York's Lower East Side.
A pair of bright yellow gulls on the corner of a school in Falmouth adds the final touch to a building that was designed for and run by 12- and 13-year-old schoolchildren.
Big-Game has created three new collections for a retrospective of its work.

Jürgen Mayer H's first private commission, the Dupli Casa, appears to have liquefied around the edges.

There is little doubt that Bilbao is famous - and this fame did not arise from the 17th-century maze of narrow streets and public squares that make up this small city in the Basque region of northern Spain.

Bitter Blueprints is the title of a new series of work by Boym Partners in New York.
Robert Stadler hates repetition. He avoids it at any cost and even after 18 years as a designer it is difficult to determine what a "Stadler" is.
How are you supposed to get into these? It's a fair assumption that the people buying a pack of five pairs of scissors would be people who don't own any scissors.
When 5.5 Designers launched Cloning in their "laboratory" in Zona Tortona in Milan in April it seemed like an attention-grabbing exercise that was conceptually interesting and wouldn't actually see the light of day.
"Maybe it's unromantic" says Fantastic Norway's Håkon Matre Aasarød, describing a little black and white cabin on an exposed rocky hill on the coast of Fosen, two hours north-west of Trondheim.
Timber slats hang like stalactites from the roof of a temporary pavilion on the South Bank, London.

The Milan-based designer has developed her first collection in porcelain for Rosenthal.

The most powerful man in the world might not like it if you moved his oval-shaped office deep underground, but that is one proposal in a competition to redesign the White House.

A secret garden at the Venice Biennale can be found at the furthest corner of the sprawling Arsenale complex.
Why do we keep going back to brands that kick us in the nuts? IDEO's chief creative officer talks about how consumers are demanding more, and luxury companies are letting them down.
Here comes the geek rapture: we're on the brink of gadget singularity, when everything that can be invented will be invented.