International Women’s Day: 18 interviews with 18 women 08.03.17


A little inspiration from our archives – some of our favourite interviews with female architects and designers over the years

To mark International Women’s Day, we looked through our archives and found some of our favourite interviews with the most significant female architects and designers of our time.

From Zaha Hadid's appearance in one of our earliest issues to our cover story about rising star Bethan Laura Wood a few years ago, we’ve met and spoken to some of the greats of the creative world.

Read and enjoy ...

Zaha Hadid, 2003: ‘I don't have an identity’

ZAHA Hadid


Faye Toogood, 2011: ‘I'm too greedy to do just one thing’

Faye Toogood


Nika Zupanc, 2011: ‘Contemporary design is still very much a boys' club’

Nika Zupanc


Tatiana Bilbao, 2011: ‘You don't only need to be against things, you need to propose a solution’ 

Tatiana Bilbao


Libby Sellers, 2011: ‘Design has to have a reason, has to push a boundary’

libby sellers


Amanda Levete, 2013: ‘When you are really pushing the limits, you are going to fail’

Amanda Levete


Matali Crasset, 2013: ‘If we don't give people choice, they become passive’ 

matali crasset


Neri Oxman, 2013: ‘There’s more to rapid craft than hitting the “on” button’ 

Neri Oxman


Margaret Calvert, 2014: ‘Being a graphic designer is like being a brain surgeon’ 

Margaret Calvert


Frida Escobedo, 2014: ‘There's no such thing as a blank slate in Mexico’ 

Frida Escobedo


Nathalie du Pasquier, 2014: ‘I’m interested in the form of things – I’m not interested in telling a story’


Bethan Laura Wood, 2015: ‘It's about controlling colour without stifling it’

Bethan laura Wood


Inga Sempé, 2015: ‘Artists aren’t more valuable than butchers’

sempe 6


Hella Jongerius, 2015: ‘There's too much shopping without any social or environmental consciousness’

Hella Jongerius


Ilse Crawford, 2016: ‘It doesn’t make sense for design to be done in silos’

ilsecrawford lead


Patricia Urquiola, 2016: ‘I disagree with the “wow factor”’

Patricia Urquiola


Anne Lacaton, 2017: ‘It is important to make buildings in which users find freedom

Lacaton 1




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