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Our latest issue looks forward to this summer's Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro – considering the role of architecture and urban planning in securing a lasting legacy

Since the 2004 Athens Olympics, the fundamental question hanging over any Games concerns legacy. With its crumbling white-elephant stadiums and weed-strewn concrete, the Greek city has become shorthand for lack of forethought and waste. Similarly, Beijing’s astonishing Bird’s Nest stadium lies empty. Given these gloomy precedents it’s little wonder London’s austerity Olympics was all but defined by legacy-related handwringing. And, despite delivering less housing than initially promised, it looks the most assured of recent times. Soon the world will focus on Rio de Janeiro’s Olympics. Mayor Eduardo Paes, interviewed in this issue, is upbeat about hosting the greatest show on earth, but no amount of tub-thumping can drown out the background noise of political scandal, tragic accidents and health scares.

This month’s cover story suggests opportunities are being lost. The much-heralded metro system extension feels like the proverbial finger in the dam when you consider Rio’s traffic ranks among the worst in the world. Furthermore, most of the investment seems destined to entrench social divisions in an already fractured society. Rio’s immediate hope lies in the Olympics’ adaptive architecture – the handball arena, which will transform into four schools, being a prime example. But if the Olympic dream means anything beyond athletics, the future frameworks on which bids are judged must push harder for visionary urban thinking. Otherwise the parade of white elephants will continue to grow.



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Rio's mayor Eduardo Paes, interviewed in this issue, is upbeat about hosting the greatest show on earth




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