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From Lyon's experiment in public lighting, to Ireland's efforts to establish its international design reputation, our latest issue looks at the design that has a tangible impact on people's lives and moods

Those working in the design industry like to imagine that what they do has the potential to transform people’s lives. Our physical environment, of course, has a definite impact on our mood, our comfort level – and is an excellent way for us to communicate our status. The reality is that “design” can often just be intended for an in-crowd.

So, for our Architecture feature this month, we’ve decided to look at Lyon – a city that is investing very heavily in a very public project, using design to improve quality of life. Lyon is investing millions of euros each year on lighting its buildings and streets, transforming public squares, riversides, architectural icons, and ordinary residential avenues. And, it’s pushed them to think in a more critical way about what a splash of LEDs can actually do for cities around the world.

In the Objects section is another millions-of-euros public investment, this one trying to take on the world. Ireland, with a strong but threatened tradition of craft, has struggled to modernise its international reputation. So the past 12 months has been designated the Year of Irish Design, and has seen hundreds of Irish designers travel to show at design fairs from Milan to Shenzhen. Yet its true impact is at home – galvanising the industry and building confidence amongst some of its main advocates: government ministers, craft council leadership and the designers themselves.



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The reality is that “design” can often just be intended for an in-crowd





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