19 March: The week’s most read 19.03.15

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Bjarke Ingels, Thomas Heatherwick, Frei Otto and the Apple Watch were among the popular subjects on iconeye.com over the past seven days

Bjarke Ingels's Zootopia

The Danish designer's (pictured above) plans for a zoo in which humans are confined and animals roam free was the most read story of the past seven days.

Ingels' Danish Maritime Museum was last month nominated for the Mies van der Rohe prize for European contemporary architecture. Read the full list of finalists here, in the lead up to the decision


SelgasCano abandoned initial Serpentine pavilion plans

For Icon's current issue, Colour, the Spanish architects (pictured above) spoke to us about the difficulties of designing a pavilion for a "flat, empty and stupid" site in Hyde Park.

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Thomas Heatherwick's Singapore "Dim Sum"

For his structure at Nanyang Technological University (pictured above), unveiled last week, the British designer has rethought the traditional campus building.

frei otto

Frei Otto's Arctic City

As news broke last week of the 89-year-old German architect's death and the posthumous award to him of the 2015 Pritzker prize, his plans from the 1970s for a 2km dome in the Arctic Circle (pictured above) came to attention.

Wearable technologies

Details of the soon-to-be launched Apple Watch (pictured below) were released last week. In a recent issue, Sam Jacob expressed concerns about the implications of further merging the digital and physical worlds.






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