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Gehry, Nouvel, Viñoly's, MVRDV and Sérgio Bernardes held your attention this week

1. MVRDV's Markthal

The Dutch practice's building in Rotterdam (above) attracted both negative and positive attention. "I find it rather dull and monotonous," said one Icon reader from Rotterdam. "The facade is dull, the painting is not exciting and the shape is not particularly exciting either. I wouldn't tear it down, but I would definitely rearrange or redesign it and repaint the inside. Nice that it's got colour, but in my opinion it's a poor form of mimesis that can be considered enlightening, but I do not."

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2. Rafael Viñoly's grotesque imposition

Meanwhile, Viñoly's building (pictured below) proved unpopular overall, with readers on the site and on Twitter agreeing with Owen Hatherley's assessment. "I hate the Walkie Talkie building and would like to see it taken down," said one reader. "An eyesore," declaired another.

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3. Jean Nouvel's Philharmonie de Paris

Two years late and three times over budget, the French architect's €390m concert hall (below) opened in Paris last week, but Nouvel himself boycotted the inauguration, claiming that the building was "not finished" and refuting suggestions that he may be partly responsible for the overruns. 

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4. Sérgio Bernardes

A documentary about the forgotten Brazilian modernist premiered in the UK at the Barbican last week. We went along to find out more about the rise and fall of the Niemeyer contemporary and playboy. His Hotel Tropical Tambaú in João Pessoa, Brazil, is pictured below.

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bernardes 400

5. Frank Gehry's Louis Vuitton Foundation

We went along for a tour of the architect's "sublime and ridiculous" art gallery in a park in Paris (below).

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I hate the Walkie Talkie building and would like to see it taken down

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