The Office Park 03.03.10

words William Wiles

The Office Park is a series of photographs by Nicholas Cobb depicting a model of a large suburban business centre. Cobb’s project takes the squeaky-clean business aesthetic of developments such as Richard Rogers’ 2002 Chiswick Park in west London and gives it a dark, dystopian twist. Office workers enjoy corporate casual Friday entertainments among the humane modernist buildings and soft landscaping, but unpleasantness seems to be afoot. Hardcore pornography is being shot in one of the windows; a crime scene investigation appears to be under way; paramedics are on the scene. Workers are up to their waists in the ornamental lake for unknown reasons.

The photographs are available in a book published by Cobb, and will also be featured in an exhibition at London’s Viewfinder Gallery in July. A longer version of this story appears in icon 082 (April 2010).

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