Pages from Aitor Throup’s sketchbook 13.11.09

Menswear designer Aitor Throup graduated from Royal College of Art in 2006 with a collection titled When Football Hooligans Become Hindu Gods. Since then he has created one other collection, The Funeral of New Orleans, started a fruitful collaboration with Italian labels Stone Island and CP Company and is a creative consultant for the sports wear brand Umbro. This gallery of images are a selection from Throup’s sketchbooks over the last three years.

Throup’s collections start as stories told through his sinuous drawings, but his illustrations aren’t what you normally encounter in fashion. His characters are picked from the streets of northern England, and are hunched over, pot-bellied, angry, red-nosed and shivering.

This set of drawings show the first sketches for When Football Hooligans Become Hindu Gods - you can see how Throup plays around with the title of the collection. There are also some characters from The Funeral of New Orleans collection as well as sketches for a plain white T-shirt that he created for Levi’s, altering the seams to make a more comfortable fit. The last sketchbook page incorporates some snapshots from Throup’s tailoring process, which involves sculpting fabric around a model’s body to create the pattern for the garment.

Pick up icon 077 for the full story and go to to see more of his work.

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