Ad-Site by Mike Whelan 18.08.09

words Johanna Agerman

Photographer Mike Whelan is fascinated by the images on the hoardings that surround construction sites. He has documented his findings in the photographic project Ad-Site.

“The catalyst for my Ad-Site project was the increase in new construction work that was taking place in London,” says Mike Whelan. “Walk past one of these building sites and you'll be greeted with ‘artist’s impressions’ of modern utopias, which promise an elevated social existence by living, working, or even just visiting.” Whelan’s photographs reveal another dimension to these sites by taking a different view from that of passers-by. In his shots we get an idea of what goes on behind the hoardings and sometimes the reality seems desperately far away from the dream. “I wanted to deconstruct these projections of pristine living,” says Whelan. In the process he has created some witty images with a chilling undertone of what gentrification might entail.

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