Gallery: Burj Dubai 05.12.08

images David Hobcote

British photographer David Hobcote chartered a helicopter to capture the full impact of the Burj Dubai. “I was one of the last unofficial photographers to take shots of the Burj from the air,” says Hobcote. Since this shoot all helicopter photography of the building has been suspended.

Hobcote’s images show the dramatic rise of the tallest building in the world, making the surrounding real estate look toy-like in comparison. American firm Skidmore, Owings and Merrill is responsible for the stepped tapering structure that now stands at over 700 metres high and rests on a triangular petal-like base. Although the final height has been a closely guarded secret, one of the architects recently leaked that it will be 808 metres.

The opening date is estimated to be September 2009 but David Hobcote has received other information. “I hear that the Burj Dubai’s completion has been put back to early 2010 due to the economic downturn.” Developer Emaar properties couldn’t be reached for comment.


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