The sun sets in the East 20.09.18

  • Trowbridge Estate, 1986

  • Bromley-by-Bow, 2009

  • Ford Stamping Plant, Dagenham, 2017

  • Holly Street Estate, 1988

  • Ocean Estate, Stepney Green, 2015

  • Topping Out Stratford, 2017

  • Hackney Wick Fire, 2007

Photography by Chris Dorley-Brown

London’s East End has been transformed beyond recognition over the past decade. As capital has flooded in, many residents have been left feeling displaced and alienated, says photographer Chris Dorley-Brown. Combining pieces from the 1980s with recent images, his work tells a poignant story: of the final days of Dagenham’s Ford plant, the demolition of blighted tower blocks and the divisive Olympic regeneration project. These elements combine, he says, to illustrate the debris of post-war, post-industrial attitudes. 

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