Constructivist Moscow 08.12.16

Moscow 1

Lithuanian studio’s New Moscow map aims to curb demolition of city’s avant-garde architecture

Lithuanian design practice Dizaino Studija Baklazanas has created a map of constructivist Moscow as a part of a campaign against the demolition of avant-garde architecture in Moscow.

Moscow 2

The New Moscow map features 180 of the best examples of the city’s avant-garde structures, including world-famous buildings such as Melnikov’s House, the Narkomfin Building, Shukhov Tower and Lenin's Mausoleum, as well as lesser known structures – residential buildings, workers' clubs, schools, garages, factories, bathhouses and the first Soviet crematorium and columbarium. It also includes elements of Russian industrial art from the 1920s and 30s, patterns that reference the work of Russian designers Lyubov Popova and Varvara Stepanov and fonts created by Russian type designer Yuri Gordon.

Moscow 3

‘Although the Constructivist movement produced many pioneering projects, since late 1930s the Constructivist buildings were neglected and people nowadays don't appreciate this unique heritage,’ the designers say. ‘Many Constructivist architectural masterpieces are either in ruins or under threat of demolition, so the land could be sold to developers. With this map we wanted to attract attention to the problem of demolition of the Constructivist architecture in Moscow and to show it's exceptional beauty.’




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