Socialist holiday architecture in Croatia 02.11.15

  • Ruins of the Haludovo Palace Hotel, north of Malinska/Krk, Croatia, designed by Boris Magas in 1972

  • Inside the Haludovo Palace Hotel

  • View from inside the Haludovo Palace Hotel

  • The Haludovo Palace Hotel in its original form

  • One of the Hotel Pelegrin hotels, part of a holiday complex for the Yugoslav People s Army in the bay of Kupari, south of Dubrovnik. Designed by David Finci, 1963

  • Hotel Astarea in Mlini, designed by Bogoljub Kurpjel, 1970

  • Hotel Ambasador, Opatija, designed by Zdravko Bregovac, 1966

  • Hotel Libertas in Dubrovnik, designed by Andrija Čičin-Šain and Žarko Vincek, 1974

  • Lobby of the Hotel Lone designer hotel, south of Rovinj. Architect: 3LDH Zagreb, 2011

Holidays after the Fall, an exhibition in Vienna, examines the vacation complexes built along the Adriatic coast in the 60s and 70s – and their fate after the collapse of Yugoslavia

Croatia’s booming tourist industry is build on an infrastructure that was developed in the 1960s and 70s during the socialist drive towards modernisation. An exhibition in Vienna examines the large-scale vacation architecture of the Adriatic coast, and the physical and economic transformations that these complexes have experienced since the collapse of Yugoslavia.

Above are some images from the show.

Holidays after the Fall: Transformations of socialist holiday architecture on the Croatian Adriatic is on display at Architekturzentrum Wien from 5 to 30 November 2015




Daniele Ansidei, Wolfgang Thaler, Marko Dabrović, 


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