Kacper Kowalski : Side Effects 02.07.15

  • The distribution of ash at the coal-fired power plant – the largest in Europe – at Belchatow, central Poland

  • An open-cast mine at Belchatow

  • Jet bridges at Warsaw Chopin airport

  • Lines made by construction vehicles working on the A1 motorway near Grudziadz, northern Poland

  • Construction in progress on an overpass for the A1 motorway near Wloclawek, northern Poland

Kacper Kowalski is a pilot and a photographer. All of the images in his Side Effects series were shot from a paraglider or a gyroplane about 150m above the ground. “What interests me most,” he says, “is the answer to this question: what is the natural environment for humans? Is it an untouched, virgin landscape? Or is it a landscape that has been changed and adapted to human needs? My work offers a graphic and sometimes abstract portrait of how civilisation comes into being.”

These photographs have been taken from Kacper Kowalski’s Side Effects series – the book documenting this ongoing project was among the winners at this year’s World Press Photo awards



Kacper Kowalski


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