100 Years of Graphic Design 12.03.15

  • Seymour Chwast, End Bad Breath, 1967

  • Jean Jullien, Phone, 2014

  • David Pearson, 1984-2013

  • Max Gill, Wonderground, 1914

  • Milton Glaser, Dylan, 1966

An exhibition featuring works by Max Gill and Jean Jullien is a precursor to the Kemistry Gallery's plans to establish a public institution for graphic design

A 100-year retrospective of graphic design is the first step in the Kemistry Gallery's rebrand as the UK's first public institution dedicated to the field.

The exhibition spans from Max Gill's 1914 Wonderground map to Jean Jullien's illustrations about modern-day interactions with technology, via works by Alan Fletcher, Experimental Jetset, Milton Glaser and several from private collections.

The show is part of the Shoreditch gallery's attempt to establish itself as Britain's first publicly-funded graphic design centre, after securing funds from the Arts Council and through a Kickstarter campaign. The design agency that set up the gallery 10 years ago is seeking a new permanent space, after being priced out of present its one.

100 Years of Graphic Design runs until 15 March 2015 at the Kemistry Gallery in London. A series of talks accompanies the exhibition




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