Mapping the City 23.01.15

  • Ron English, A South American Butterfly, 2014

  • Shepard Fairey, Berlin Tower, 2011

  • Augustine Kofie, Overcast Angeles, 2014

  • Mike Ballard, The Ultra Poet, 2014

  • Isaac Tin Wei Lin, Abstract Rug Design for a Dwelling in the Plains, 2012

  • Swoon, Bangkok, 2009-2012 (detail)

  • Swoon, Bangkok, 2009-2012

  • Jurne, Covalence, 2013

  • Chu [Julian Pablo Manzelli], Buenos AIres, 2012

An exhibition at Somerset House presents street and graffiti artists' interpretations of urban landscapes

An exhibition that presents the urban landscape from the point of view of street and graffiti artists is on display from this week at Somerset House in London.

Works by more than 50 established and emerging artists are on show. Ranging from literal to highly abstract, each work reveals the unique, subjective interpretation of the city that each artists uses as a canvas.

The artists use a wide variety of media, from digital technology to illustration, paintings to sculpture, video presentations to performances. More than 40 of the works were specially commissioned for this exhibition.

Mapping the City runs until 15 February in Somerset House




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