Art jewellery 16.01.15

  • Fritz Maierhofer: Ring, 2004

  • Manfred Nisslmüller: Necklace, 1970s

  • Ramon Puig Cuyas: Brooch, 1990s

  • Lisa Walker: Brooch, 2000–2009

  • Wolfgang Lieglein: Brooch Mango, 2010–2015

  • Fritz Maierhofer: Brooch, 2004

  • Fritz Maierhofer: Sculpture, 2013

  • Fritz Maierhofer: Brooch, 1987 Silver, gold

  • Manfred Bischoff: Ring Spanish Chimera, 2000–2009

  • Fritz Maierhofer: Brooch, 2006

  • Andrea Vilhena: Brooch Körperformen [Body Shapes], 2000–2009 Fabric, gold wire

  • Kyoko Fukuchi: Brooch, 2000–2009, Paper, silver

  • Robert Smit: Brooch, 2000–2009

An exhibition in Vienna illustrates the connections between jewellery, aesthetics and wealth since 1970

An exhibition that opened this week at the MAK in Vienna presents an overview of jewellery's connection with wealth and aesthetics in recent history.

Jewellery 1970-2015 includes 454 pieces from around the world from the collection of Austrian couple Heidi and Karl Bollmann.

"Even today, jewellery is overwhelmingly seen as a sign of a person's social position that is to be read according to convention," says Karl Bollmann. "Roughly in the middle of the 1960s, however, there was a radical fresh start in Europe, and almost at the same time in Japan and
the USA. The freedom of art would also apply to jewellery."

Half the exhibition is devoted to the work of Fritz Maierhofer, one of the leading Austrian jewellery and object artists.

Above are some of the works on display.

Jewellery 1970-2015 runs at the MAK in Vienna until 29 March





Images: MAK/Nathan Murrell

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