War, Revolution and Design 05.01.15

  • Costume design for Life for the Tsar by Vladimir Tatlin, 1913-1915

  • Costume design for Bedbug by Alexander Rodchenko, 1929

  • Costume design for We by Alexander Rodchenko, 1919-1920

  • Set design for Victory Over the Sun by Kazimir Malevich, 1913

  • Costume design for Stenka-Razi by Konstantin Vialov, 1923

  • Costume design for Tarelkin›s Death by Varvara Stepanova, 1922

Works by Kazimir Malevich, Alexander Rodchenko and Vladimir Tatlin are on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum as part of an exhibition of designs by avant-garde artists for the Russian theatre

An exhibition at the V&A presents radical designs for theatrical productions by celebrated figures of the Russian avant-garde.

Among these are set and costume designs conceived between 1913 and 1933 by leading artists and designers including Kazimir Malevich, Alexander Rodchenko, Vladimir Tatlin and Liubov Popova.

The works were created over the course of two decades marked by the Russian revolutions and the first world war – a time when artistic, literary and musical traditions in Russia were undergoing great transformation.

Artists who worked in a variety of mediums – including painting, architecture, textiles, photography and graphics – worked together on theatrical productions to create a variety of designs and this work came to inform wider artistic practices.

Above are some of the works on display.

Russian Avant-garde Theatre: War Revolution and Design 1913 – 1933 ends on 15 March 2015





Images: A. A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum

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