RIBA Regent Street Windows Project 08.09.14

  • Squire and Partners for Brookes Brothers

  • Squire and Partners for Brookes Brothers

  • Sybarite Architects for Gant

  • Make Architects for Banana Republic

  • Jerry Tate Architects for Hackett

  • Al-Jawad Pike for Penhaligon

  • Al-Jawad Pike for Penhaligon

  • Mobile Studio for Jack Spade

  • Mobile Studio for Jack Spade

  • Edgley Design for Tibits

  • Edgley Design for Tibits

  • Brisac Gonzalez for Longchamp

Fifteen architects have created bespoke installations to transform the shop windows of West End retailers

Installations by Make and Squire & Partners were among 15 works unveiled last week as part of the RIBA's Regent Street Windows Project.

Now in its fifth year, the annual initiative twins architecture practices with central London retailers to create installations in windows along the West End shopping street.

Brooks 400

Squire & Partners for Brookes Brothers

Squire & Partners' installation comprises 2,000 handmade metal sheep suspended on golden threads in the form of a larger sheep. The work for the men's clothing retailer is a reference to the "golden fleece" – the historical symbol of wool merchants. On the pavement outside is another sheep – in cast bronze – by sculptor Jonathan Sanders.

Gant 400

Sybarite Architects for Gant

Sybarite Architects used parametric modelling techniques to create a cardboard form inspired by the hull of the sailing boat used in the American clothing brand's advertisements.

Banana 400

Make Architects for Banana Republic

Make Architects created an optical illusion – the three-dimensional lettering can be read as "slim" or "sloan" – words from the brand's autumn and winter campaign – depending on the angle you look at the window.

Hackett 400

Jerry Tate Architects for Hackett

Jerry Tate Architects' piece is an intricate arrangement of interlaced ribbons, fixed at one end – based on a traditional children's toy. When the top block is rotated, it sets off a tumbling effect. Each block flips over the next to reveal one of two hidden images on the other side.

Penhaligons 400

Al-Jawad Pike for Penhaligon

Al-Jawad Pike's window installation draws on the origins of perfume making in distillation and chemistry. Blown-glass vessels containing the raw ingredients of the perfume maker's fragrances are held within a labyrinthine copper pipe lattice.

Jack Spade 400

Mobile Studio for Jack Spade

Mobile Studio created a miniature city that features characters, narratives and architectural motifs that draw on Jack Spade's New York heritage and the shop's location in London.

Tibits 400

Edgley Design for Tibits

Edgley Design worked with vegetarian restaurant Tibits, which charges customers by the weight of their food to reduce waste. In this spirit, the architect reused the restaurant's waste products, melting empty wine bottles and re-casting them to form cooking weights. Each of these equate to the weight of an average meal and were suspended on a grid of steel cables across the window.

Longchamp 400

Brisac Gonzalez for Longchamp

Brisac Gonzalez's range of rectilinear translucent frames create a series of hollows within which Longchamp has displayed its products.

The installations can be seen until 21 September



Debika Ray


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