Louis Kahn: Monumental 07.07.14

  • National Assembly Building, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1962–83 (image: Raymond Meier)

  • National Assembly Building, Dhaka

  • National Assembly Building, Dhaka (image: Raymond Meier)

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park, New York, 1973-2012 (image: Paul Warchol)

  • Salk Institute, La Jolla, California, 1959–65 (image: John Nicolais)

  • Yale University Art Gallery, Connecticut, 1951-53 (image: Elizabeth Felicella)

  • Phillips Exeter Academy library, New Hampshire, 1965-72 (image: Iwan Baan)

  • Steven and Toby Korman House, Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, 1971-73 (image: Barry Halkin)

  • Jewish Community Center, Ewing Township (image: John Ebstel)

  • Medical Research and Biology Building, Pennsylvania, 1957-65 (image: Malcolm Smith)

  • General Motors Pavilion, world exhibition 1964, New York (not realized)

  • Louis Kahn in front of a model of the City Tower Project at Cornell University, February 1958 (image: Sue Ann Kahn)

  • Louis Kahn, c. 1972 (image: Robert C. Lautman)

  • Louis Kahn working on Fisher House design, 1961

  • Louis Kahn at his office, c. 1960

  • Louis Kahn and employees model-making, in the late 1960s (image: George Alikakosdman)

An exhibition of the work of American architect Louis Kahn opens this week in London

An exhibition of the work of American architect Louis Kahn opens this week (9 July 2014) at the Design Museum in London.

Regarded as one of the master builders of the twentieth century, Kahn created monumental buildings with symbolic significance.

The exhibition, sponsored by Swarovski, features a diverse range of architectural models, drawings, sketches, photographs and films, including a 4m-high model of the City Tower that Kahn designed for Philadelphia, as well as previously unseen film footage shot by Kahn’s son Nathaniel Kahn.

Here are some of the images on display.




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