Lucinda Grange: Extreme photographer 05.06.14

Hartlepool-based photographer Lucinda Grange sneaks in and climbs up to some of the most dangerous places in the world to take her striking photographs

Lucinda Grange appeared the showroom of Millken carpets last month during Clerkenwell Design Week to present her "extreme photography" – images captured from the top of and inside famous buildings.

From the Chrysler Building in New York to the largest pyramid at Giza, Notre Dame in Paris, the Angel of the North, the Shard and the chimney at Battersea Power Station, the former Cleveland College of Art and Design student risks injury and detection to capture her stomach-churning images.

A book of her photography, Outside The Lines, is available here



Lucinda Grange


Lucinda Grange 5

Grange speaking at the Milliken showroom (images supplied by Milliken)

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