Sven Lützenkirchen's Industrial Revolution 15.05.14


Photographer Sven Lützenkirchen's Werke series reveals a secret side to factory architecture. Each is a dry image of a sprawling industrial site in Germany but, rotated vertically and mirrored, the images start to take on new identities resembling towering robots, exotic totems, nuclear warheads or mechanical insects.

10 rt1

#10 Kalkwerk (lime plant), 20

1 rt

#1 Steinkohle Bergwerk (coal pit), 2009

6 rt

#6 Kieswerk (gravel pit), 2011

11 rt

#11 Zementfabrik (cement works), 2013

2 rt

#2 Rußfabrik (carbon black factory), 2011






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