Mondrian and his Studios/Nasreen Mohamedi

An exhibition at Tate Liverpool commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Dutch abstract painter’s death aims to explore his interest in architecture and urbanism and the relationship between his works and the space around them. Mondrian’s studios in Amsterdam, Paris and New York all reflected different stages of his artistic development. This show will focus on the connection between painting and architecture after Mondrian’s move to Paris in 1911 and will feature a life-size reconstruction of his studio in the city. Running in parallel is the largest solo show to date of the work of Indian artist Nasreen Mohamedi. Featuring more than 50 of her works, the exhibition charts the evolution of Mohamedi’s style from figurative to abstract. It highlights significant phases in her practice and also features her personal photography.

  • Tate Liverpool
  • Liverpool
  • Monday, 09 June 2014
  • Sunday, 05 October 2014
  • June