Legoland's depiction of London is being updated for the 21st century, and now the capital finally has a skyline to mimic.
Some time after mid-century New York became modernism’s graveyard.

The world has changed dramatically since the last great "ism" was codified almost a century ago. The social and economic conditions that inspired first artists, then architects and designers, to break with the past and propose a radical agenda for change now no longer exist in the West.

In its relentless pursuit of functional solutions, modernism ignored the aspects of culture that are the most important and the least tangible – memory and character.

A hotel in Patagonia has been designed by Santiago-based architect German del Sol to accommodate travellers who want to explore the glaciers, mountains and lakes of this remote part of Chile, but who also want to spend their nights in luxury.

720 sheets of cardboard shaped with a computer-controlled cutter and then stacked on top of each other make up the Mafoombey portable listening booth.

This hefty, three-tome celebration of design has some rather narrow and outdated notions of what makes a "classic but it’s a mine of information about those little everyday things we never think about.

Yves Béhar likes the word "story". He uses it again and again when talking about his work. Where most industrial designers invest their attention in materials and form, Béhar tries to see his products in terms of a narrative.