Hubert Blanz's runway nightmares.
Always Let The Road Decide is a project by British photographer David Kendall that studies the movements of migrant workers in Dubai.
"It is so much more comfortable to walk around in your socks.”

“I was in Stoke-on-Trent as Wedgwood went into administration, watching people buy cheap imports,” says Simon Hasan.

House in Moriyama is the latest project from Japan’s prolific Suppose Design Office, founded by 34-year-old Makoto Tanijiri.

An arboretum designed by Muf has turned what would be a wind tunnel between two buildings into a fairy-tale wonderland.

The smell of freshly baked bread wafts down Dalston Lane in east London, mingling with the area’s heady scent of kebab shops and cement dust – the aroma of a neighbourhood undergoing redevelopment.
“I never make comfortable works,” says Miroslaw Balka.

The Aqua Tower is an 82-storey mixed-use skyscraper in Chicago which opens next month.

The flatpack Ply stool is a collaboration between furniture designer Michael Marriot and fashion brand Paul Smith for the London Design Festival in September.

“It’s about taking a product and making it alive in the virtual world"
Few things are more daring than skateboarding.
“The kids’ centre sits like a Manta Rayon the rock face, wanting to jump back into the bay,” says Olav Bruin of 24H Architecture.

Design Parade is like a summer camp for designers.

This is an experiment in living according to architect Nuno Piedade Alexandre, and he’s the guinea pig. He designed Casa NuDi for himself and his wife, Dina Gomes, as his first built project.
A new book wants to do for design what Blink did for instinct: make it sexy to corporate drones. No thanks.

We asked designers Sam Hecht and Kim Colin – Industrial Facility – 
to delve into their collection of cheap things. In the latest in the series, they get to grips with a zipper that they discovered in the USA.